The Brown Box

Jumping into the brown box, He interacted with an adult medium.

Adult medium #2:
Pushing back doesn’t solve problems.

His parents don’t live up to educational standards and modern formats of rhetorical debate.

Child medium #7:
But I want to have fun.

The sentence structure of dreams is laced with flowing waterfalls of fluttering nonsense. Fluttering butterflies of unconscious thought abound. He dreams stories which make sense only to the casual observer.

Adult medium #3:
There is no reality under this substrate. I recommend immediate medication.

Another means to control the wishes of chocolate Labrador retrievers. Another means to stop grass stains from inhabiting pants. An intoxicating aroma of childhood melodies undercut with popular culture, and therefore losing all meaning.

Child medium #1:
What do you mean I have to go inside? It’s not cold or wet.

Choice is something He does not have.

Adult medium #2:
Does He suspect the end is near?

Child medium #8:
Never. He cannot understand the scope of our desires, whims and wiles.

Child medium #1:
This substrate bores me. I will kindly shoot the moon to the other side of my dreams.

Adult medium #4.5:
Is this possible?

Adult medium #1:
Not that I was aware of.

Child medium #5:
Of course it is. He already knew it when he came here. We have total power over Him, until he chooses to disembark.

Child medium #2:

Child medium #1:
Goodbye you rectal boils, you.

Adult medium #9:
I guess so.


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