His eyes wandered incessantly until he married a woman who had multiple personality disorder, at which point he became so overwhelmed that he found the nearest monastery, locking himself into a life of perpetual solitude, poverty and chastity which proved oddly rewarding, until thoughts of his poor, confused wife, sitting there in the state hospital, returned to his head and then to his groin, and before long, regret began to overwhelm his marvelously sterile livelihood, at which time he sought a route of flagellation which ended up convincing him that he had masochistic tendencies, which led him to join a wandering group of monks, seeking the affections of any local mistress versed in the pain-giving arts, before eventually leaving the monastery under a haze of shame, and curling up at the feet of a dominatrix enclave in Tucson, Arizona, happy as a pearl enclosed in a cage of oysterIMG_2270.


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