Cause, Effect

2013-03-26 15.16.39

If romance

is an ant marching dutifully

through a forest of blades,

green green,

then love

is a comet’s white

gaseous tail,

spiraling around the sun

until it explodes in a supernova,

a curling bursting brilliant

solar flare knocking out cellular

communications and


is green-gray mist, trailing

from a bong out two train tunnel nostrils,

snickering plastically through bulging red eyes,

pretending for a minute,

that the universe is huge,

that jokes are worth making,

so lust:

settles like flies on

a plate of rotting meat,

an angry razor cloud poking through

Rocky mountains of

teeth, rending fluids

splaying tendons everywhere

across silk sheets,

then it stands to reason that


is a little boy sitting

his baseball cap so blue

against the scattered confetti cigarette butt people

fair grounds, just wanting his mommy’s

great bosom to scoop him up

to take him home

away from this place forever.



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