Sick Day


Stacy Haymer: A young legal aid who feels that life is too short for being, mostly because loving an abusive man for three years really took a toll on her, what with the whole codependency issues, always opening the door for him while the bruises under her eyes heal and the vodka still accumulate under the bathroom sink where he thought she never looked.
Ford Garza: Stacy’s boss at Garza Garza and Uhlman who although successful feels uncomfortable with his success because he doesn’t feel he earned it, and also feels awkward towards Stacy because although aware of Stacy’s “problem,” he has done nothing to stop it, even though Stacy is like a daughter–a daughter he sneaks of cleavage glimpses from–to him.
Deidre Sagosian: Executive Assistant to Mr. Garza, who despite being married and of similar age range to Stacy, identifies with Mr. Garza and his class status, hoping some day to retire off Garza’s company’s lucrative pension plan, and though loosely concerned with Stacy’s plight as a woman, is more concerned with her upward mobility, including her soon-to-be bar-certified husband and her unborn children’s future.

Act I

(An office in any busy law firm which caters to high-end law clientele, including but not limited to white collar crimes such as embezzlement and fraud, but also high profile criminal cases involving at risk or semi-public figures, so figure on oak desks, clean, modern, natural lines with lots of mahogany panels and cut glass.

Deidre: Stacy on line two.

Ford: Thanks, Dee. (audible click) Ford Garza…

Stacy: It’s Stacy. I had an accident and My head’s swollen like a melon. I can’t come in today.

Ford: Feel better.


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