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Thursday 11:45 AM. Hey hon, it’s me – just wanted to remind you to turn off the hose when you get back from your appointment. Thanks. Thursday 11:48 AM. Hey hon, me again – I know you’re a bit forgetful about this sort of thing – like the lights in the kitchen. Just reminding you to turn off the hose. Thursday 12:04 PM. Hon – don’t forget the hose. If you do, it runs up the water bill and wastes a lot of water. Thursday 12:15 PM. You did it didn’t you? You forgot to shut off the hose, didn’t you? Please shut it off. Thursday 12:22 PM. Turn off the fucking hose! Turn it off you fucking retard! I ask you one goddamn simple task…Couldn’t you get one goddamn thing right ever! Thursday 12:40 PM. ______ Thursday 1:02 PM. Hey hon. I’m really sorry about all that. It’s been a rough day. I wanted to call to apologize. I was way outta line. Please forgive me, hon. I love you. By the way, I drove home and took care of the hose, so you don’t have to worry about it. Bye, hon – love you.

End of messages.



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