Why I’m All About Ash Vs Evil Dead


I’m what you’d call an “Evil Dead” superfan. I’ve watched the various incarnations of this marvelous cult series on numerous occasions. Bill Warren’s “Evil Dead Companion,” about the making of the film, has a special place on my bookshelf. On several occasions, I flew across the country or across town to meet Bruce Campbell at horror conventions and screenings. One of my prize possessions is an autographed Evil Dead poster, which ironically bears no likeness of the chainsaw-wielding, often put-upon antihero whose signature graces it.

Of course, even as enamored with the brainchild of Messrs. Raimi and Campbell as I am, I’m also not a fool. Too often fans have been disappointed with the end results of filthy lucre grabs or the results of jaded old filmmakers revisiting their launch pads—we’ve all seen the damage done to the Star Wars, Godzilla, and Texas Chainsaw franchises. Nonetheless, I must admit that my heart beat a little faster after hearing about another entry, or more so, sequential entry in the series.

So, what we’re in for this time? According to the description, the series will be a return to the generally mundane life of Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell—duh). After spending the last thirty years shirking adulthood and his demon-fighting past, it seems he’s suffering from a bit of survivor’s guilt. When those frisky Candarian Demons return to raise more hell, he reluctantly pulls out the old Olds (which is especially amusing since Oldsmobile, as a brand, is now undead), the boomstick, and that good ole chained appendage.

This time, though, he’s not alone. Ash is joined along the way by an idealistic and encouraging young immigrant Pablo Simon Bolivar (played by Ray Santiago) and sweet, young woman, Kelly Maxwell, who’s been warped by her dealings with the Deadites, Kelly Maxwell (Dana DeLorenzo). More exciting still, Lucy Lawless returns to Raimi-TV as the enigmatic anti-Deadite quester, Ruby. She’ll be joined by an ex-cop hunter in her employ, as well as a few other familiar (such as Mimi Rogers) and fresh faces will pop in and out of the series.

Still, a few concerns linger: Will a middle-aged Ash provide the same borderline sadistic splat-stick fun as his twenty to thirtysomething counterpart? According to a recent interview with Sam Raimi, the series will retain the basics, even if Mr. Campbell has passed the spring chicken phase. Additionally, original film writers Sam and Ivan Raimi will return and, along with Tom Spezialy, will be penning most of the episodes, with input from Campbell. And while the concept of a wisecracker and his partner cruising the country in an old car and killing monsters does sound reminiscent of another popular paranormal show, but said show, and many others, owe a debts and regularly pay homage to Ash and his demon-slaying prowess.

Since each of the 10 episodes of season one will be packed into 30 minute blocks, the action will be relentless, the characters will be able to develop, and the demon heads will stack up rapidly—as we’ve come to expect from Raimi and company. It may not be Shakespeare, but it’s guaranteed to be a fun, snarky romp through a Deadite-infested protohell. And, despite all the inherent nostalgia and zombie-chopping madness, it will be interesting to see Ash finally have to grow up and face his demons.


(Originally published on GeekSnack)


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