Are We Ready to Believe Again?


With Bill Murray now officially signed on, 2016’s Ghostbusters reboot is really picking up momentum. Whether you like or loathe the Paul Feig’s positron-glider revival, hype is building as the film ramps up production. How are fans reacting to a sneak peak at props and scenes? As a GB fanatic myself, I’ll discuss the major reveals so far.

Ecto 1

The return of Ecto 1 needed to blend a classic Ghostbusters feel without creating an exact replica of the original. At the same time, it’s also important to avoid making the same mistakes Ghostbusters II did by overdoing it. Ecto 2 was more a mobile billboard than a functional vehicle. The new lean mean busting machine harkens back to old times but offers enough modifications to the original design to avoid being a tired retread of the original.

Fan reaction has, overall, been a mixture of love and hate, with some loving the updated car (those suffering from 80’s nostalgia will especially enjoy the Reagan-era hearse). Others are nonplussed about the boxier version. I’ll admit that I miss the classic late 50’s lines of Ecto 1, but I can appreciate the continuity. The 1989 Cadillac Brougham is roughly thirty years older than the film itself, which embodies the junk to gem ethic of the original film. And as a child of the 80’s, there’s something fun about seeing that boxy old Caddy rolling around coated in classic red and white with that decal slapped on the side.

Proton Pack

Paul Feig stirred up a lot of excitement after releasing images of this ubiquitous busting tool via Twitter with the hashtag #whatyougonnashoot. Similarly to Ecto 1, there are some distinctive similarities between the original proton packs and the reboot’s version. For the most part, the new models look a little boxier, but offer a fun combination between the classic pack and a technologically updated variant. Since we live in a high-tech age, a modernized, digitized proton pack follows organically with the times.

Fans have generally had a positive reaction to this reveal, but you can’t please everyone. Still, how can you hate on a proton pack?

The Uniforms

How can you top the iconic Ghostbusters onesie? Simple. You can’t. And these prison-esque Ghostbusters 2016 uniforms have garnered a bit of online derision. At the same time, they do mimic elements of the original design, as well as keeping the original iconic No Ghost logo. And here’s where the designers would have been foolish not to stick with the established look for the most part. As long as they keep the iconic logo (which they do), the orange stripes shouldn’t make much of a difference. As long as the overall look remains consistent (an old marketing saw: if you have an established product and want to carry it to the next generation, keep it familiar.)

Overall, Ghostbusters fans are still divided on the semi-sequel and likely to stay that way until the movie is released. Some simply aren’t fond of an all female lineup. Personally, I feel a female cast could put a fun new spin on the series. Others feel that the series shouldn’t be meddled with. But the new cast is strong and funny, like the original. The script, according to those who’ve read it, is funny and scary. And more so, Bill Murray is set to return, although no confirmation on whether he’ll reprise his role as Peter Venkman.

For the most part, the film shows a lot of promise. Although it remains to be seen how well the ensemble comes together and how solidly put together the story is, many are hoping that Paul Feig can take Ghostbusters 2016 from a superfan’s dream to a powerhouse addition to the series.



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