Random Words

Random Words Chapbook is a poetry challenge. All the poems were written within 45 minutes, using one random word (from a generator) for each poem. The poems were then slightly edited, with the entire collection coming in at roughly an hour and fifteen minutes. It is available here for free download. Please tell me what you think of this odd-duck speed poetry.

View or Download Random Words (pdf)

Here is a review by embeeness and a sample poem:

“Andy Kubai, (formerly) known as lifeencoded here on Tumblr, has made available as a free download his charmingly short collection of poetry, Random Words.

At just 19 pages in .pdf format, its reading made for a quick respite during an otherwise hectic workday. For a too-brief moment, I was treated to both amusing and thoughtful snippets of poetic wordplay. Andy’s well-placed words tell volumes in very few words, the longest piece being just 19 lines. But the mood and imagery he creates are much larger than the small spaces he fits them into.

From the emotional tension of ‘Slipping’ to the lighthearted jab at spam in ‘human 2.0’, Andy’s work affects and entertains. I was especially taken by this lovely offering:


the city
silhouettes itself in golden
shimmering away on
the river
the anxiety of a thousand
cold regrets”

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