The Colossus of Rhodesville

new colossus coverHave you ever spent a day inside purgatory? Whether you realize it or not, you probably have, simply by trying on pants, picking up some paint, or shopping for Christmas presents.

Welcome to the lively, lonely, and absurd world of the megastore. Stretching from ocean to ocean, these consumer towns teem with shoppers, employees, and managers who lose themselves while looking for soap, pick up a sense of humor with their free samples, and may need a heartbreak clean up on aisle 12. Not just filled with cheap toasters and planned obsolescence, megastores overflow with our stories.

Fear and loathing, love and mayhem in the Supermarket — Colossus is part “Spoon River Anthology” and part Bukowski on a slightly sober day, these character studies, flash fictions, and short stories intertwine the lives of the very human patrons and employees of Meaty Deals during a 24 hour period in and around this colossus of commerce.

Contact me for further info on publishing or if you have any questions or curiosities about the book.

Download a PDF excerpt: The Colossus of Rhodesville

Sample Stories:

Under the Radar

Too Close to the Sun…

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Colossus is currently searching for a publisher.

Thank you for your support. A.L.K.


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