Photo Portfolio

A small selection my amateur portfolio:


Postmodern Sunset (Austin, TX)

Neon Austin (Austin, TX)


Under the Bridge (Austin, TX)

Chameleon (Pflugerville, TX)


A Long Ways Out (Port Lavaca, TX)

2014-08-13 10.22.55

The Sky Between (from Lake Austin, Austin, TX)


Austin Skyline (from Auditorium Shores, Austin, TX)


Watching the Skies (Austin, TX)

2013-10-28 09.56.42

I Say, It’s Foggy (Downtown Austin, TX)

2013-06-20 00.45.28

Nocturnal Downtown (from Ginger Man, Austin, TX)

Sky on Fire (Austin, TX)

Horsing Around (Austin, TX)



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