Poetry and Fiction


The Thing in the Kitchen, screenplay for a short film by Troy Peterson. September 2014.


“Boring Conversation Anyway,” Sorin Oak Review, May 2014

“A Way with Words,” The Sorin Oak Review, May 2014

Evolution on a Stanley Measuring Tape,” Black Heart Magazine, October 2013

Sentinel,Boston Poetry Magazine, August, 2013

Literature Unspoken,Boston Poetry Magazine

A Letter to Myself (circa 2002),Boston Poetry Magazine

Where I Am,” Boston Poetry Magazine

Remember Those Flames on the Western HorizonThe Bitchin’ Kitsch

December Figurines,” BurningWord #63

“Winter,” Under My Bed, 2012

“A Glorious Day To Be the Living Dead,” Under My Bed, 2012

“Gilded Memories,” Under My Bed, 2012

“Doomsday Love Affair,” Under My Bed, 2012

“Opacity,” Inkstains and Heartbeats, 2012

“Bait,” The Yahara Journal, 2010

“Vacant Lots of Love,” The Yahara Journal, 2010



The Girl with the Headphones” Z Publishing’s Texas’s Emerging Writers

Seeking Mr. Anon,” Squawk Back May 2014

It’s Always Raining Somewhere,” Squawk Back May 2014

“Dating, Post Industrial,” The Yahara Journal 2010


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