Howmanywordscanyoufitintoatinyspace,itsunnaturaltosqueezeweAmericansneedour(manifestdestiny)   space. Wecrushourwordslikecarsinscrapyardcubesofmeaningbullionforastewamelange(ameltingpot)offlavors(mynipplesexplodewithdelight?).Flavorsunique,richwhen (just add water) they can expand   expansively,    worlds     contained      in         pinpoints.           A            cosmos            that             (bill-ions and billions) contains           a                star          a         hole          prodded        through       thick  black            paper        that         is           a         wish           hope           dream.           A         toothy      menace.          A          verbal           slight.          A            means             to    return      to normalcy. Mundanity. An exercise in futility like a baby’s smile across a sea of gray sludge a compactedplanetsmashedintoeverdecreasingfieldsofvisionlushwithmutation. A normal return (soft, what light through yonder window breaks (?)) to form a stolid smile, a stoic stance a love more ordinary. Complacent hearts. Wouldn’t it be. nice. to. b.r.e.a.k/things u…p, SHAKE aro(d)(a)(n)(c)(e)und your grimace, shrink things down or blow THEM UP. ENLARGE THEM soourbodiesaren’t so perpetuallyconfined(nowheretoruntobaby). Such an intricate world, a spiral intertwined within itself, our eyes locked into a telescope looking both inwards and out        into           space. But we forgot to grow legs, wings – adapt –


s    (with a)     o    (flotilla of)     a    (mounded clouds)     r.


evolve. Ourfacesesaresmogfromflashinglightandshinybuttons (all red and candied) wepateachother on the back while we smile twistingtheknifeintoourfuture’sribs. But I digress. This wasn’t a diatribetowardsourproblemsthis.         Was [an exploration] of how words really w-o-r-k, of how         space           effects           perception and I’ve failed. I might as well swallow any pride in mashed potato lumps to my head and          return         to  normalcy (is there really such a place?).}


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