11:19 (excerpt from a poem sequence)


He is a cumbersome wench
a made in USA stamped essay
written on derogatory stereotypes
fueled by an overriding sense of
red, right and blue,
She is a simile, a synecdoche
the answer to the question
how do you forget your dating
history and turn back into a doormat?

together, they are quintessential,
a young country just discovering
everything wrong with itself
everything right with the world
wishing there was a momentary
window into the future
a way to see the train coming
as you walk towards it
the safety of a platform
swarming with anxious glances.

Stationary, they orbit on a
binary trajectory, split common
interests and broken compasses
one destined to land beneath
the wheels of a bus, while the other
stands on the ledge above,
laughing as though the
clouds had parted and the
constellations no longer stung his eyes.


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