Channel 56

Channel one had nothing but a pair of dice rolling. Channel two was the sun after it grew into a fiery red blob and evaporated the earth like a drop of water.

Channels three to fifty four were snow, like an old TV used to get. But channel 56, now that was something special.

It showed loops, old film strips pasted together with nothing but visions of smiling parents, gleaming muddied children, grandparents with nickels behind your ear, and we were hooked.

As though they were velvet fertilizer, we forgot about the other channels, about the sweeping whine of the clock, about the tired moans of our bodies, until

nothing was left but a grin attached to a sofa.


2 thoughts on “Channel 56

  1. Hey there,
    I really enjoyed this story! I’ve been perusing through WordPress today, looking for good writing.
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    Come check out the site. If you want, enter the contest. In any event, just know I really appreciated this piece of writing.
    Have a good day!

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